6 Best Phones for Macro Photography

6 Best Phones for Macro Photography The smartphone camera can able to capture clear photos of tiny objects with the help of a Macro Lens.

Macro lenses are the most used Supporting camera lens in today’s smartsmartphone . As with the low lights, portrait we need to focus on capturing the crisp images of tiny objects. For this, your smartsmartphone must have a Powerful Macro Lens. Here are the 6 Best smartphone for Macro Photography.


What is Macro Lens in a Camera?

Macro lenses are the camera lens used to digitalise tiny objects. It is used for close-up photography through which the camera will be able to capture the small objects easily in the photo frame.


In short, this lens magnifies the quality of small objects to large ones without losing the quality and every detail on it. You can capture Macro Photos from your phone at a distance of 10cm or less.


Best smartphone for Macro Photography

Magnifying the tiny objects in a large without losing is possible with the Macro Lens. Macro lenses are used to capture the clear shot of the tiny images whether it’s insects, flowers, or any particles. Surprisingly, you don’t even lose the quality of the image in this shot.


Although Macro Lens are the best way to get capture the best photography of tiny objects you just need to find out the best smartphone on it. All the smartphone featuring the Macro Lens don’t take better photos of such tiny objects. So, here you need to find out the best smartsmartphone with a Macro Camera.


Samsung Galaxy S21+

After iPhone and Google Pixel Samsung is always on the list for providing the best smartphone with cameras. Here too, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ is one of the best camera smartphone that features the best Macro lens.

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If you aren’t want to limit your photography with the budget then Samsung Galaxy S21+ is for you. Here you get this phone with Triple Lens. The primary lens is packed with 12MP Wide, 64MP for taking the Telephoto Zoom and the rest 12MP Ultra wide for wide-angle photos.

As for selfies, there’s a 10MP Powerful Portrait Optimized Wide lens. Here you get 8K Video Shooting with6.7Inches Full HD+ AMOLED Display.


Redmi Note 11 Pro

Redmi Note 11 Pro features the 5MP Telemacro Lens for capturing tiny objects in higher resolution. Besides we also get the 108MP Wide as a primary lens on the mobile phone. Also, there’s 8MP Ultra wide including the 2MP for the portrait images.


Although Redmi smartphone are always dominant for their weak camera and image processing Redmi Note 11 Pro may change the perception of the Redmi smartphone . The macro photography is next level than you expected under this budget mobile phone.


Besides, you can get the 16MP Wide for selife with the AI Portrait mode. Also, there’s 4K Video shooting at 60fps with the Long exposure mode included.


Additionally, there are 6.67 inches AMOLED Displays with the 33W 6000mAh Giant battery.



The phone that still values your money under the budget range is VIVO Y33S. Here you get the 2MP Macro Lens with the primary lens of 50MP. This 50MP Primary lens features a wide-angle at the aperture of f/2.4. capturing the Macro Photography is great and clear with the support of a primary lens. We got the better image production of tiny images too.

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Under the lower budget segment, it’s one of the best Macro Camera smartphone for capturing tiny objects. Also, your portrait output is good with the 2MP Depth sensor on it.


While there’s a 16MP Wide Portrait optimized lens on its face side. Besides, the mobile phone looks good with its 6.5 inches Full HD+ IPS Panel. While the phone is powered with the Mid-range gaming chipset, the Helio G80 onboarding 33W 5000mAh battery.


Samsung Galaxy A52S

Another budget mobile phone for the best macro lens is Galaxy A52S. Galaxy A52S features the 5MP Macro lens that’s pretty enough to see on such a budget-friendly mobile phone. Capturing the macro objects is neat and colourful as natural in this mobile phone.


With the combination of the 64MP Primary lens, you can proceed your image in a better frame. More, the Ultra Wide photos are also optimized. Yes, there’s 12MP Ultra wide with the 5MP for Depth Sensor/ Portrait.


Similarly, for the Selife we get the 32MP AI Optimized Portrait friendly lens. Compared to Note 11 Pro & VIVO Y3S the Macro Images are quite better.

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Here you can take a dedicated snap for the macro photos. Image production is also fine with colourful natural image processing.


iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone is always at the top for its camera features. Majority of the smartphone users speak about its camera quality. It’s too. The camera and image production of the iPhone is great as like on DSLR and Pixel smartphone .

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It’s one of the flagship options from our list for choosing the best Macro Lens smartphone to buy for better Macro Photos. We get this mobile with the Triple Setup featuring all the lenses 12 (Primary wide+ Ultra wide + Telephoto) including the 12MP as Selfie.

Compared to the Galaxy S21+ on the flagship mobile, we get the almost same level of Macro Photography. iPhone 13 Pro Max is also able to maintain the best shot on Macro objects.


Besides, you can enjoy the 3x optical zoom. Also, there’s a Night mode selfie too. Besides, its 6.7-inch Retina Display makes your eyes rest for longer with the screen.


The new sub-brand of VIVO mobile phoe “iQOO” is also adding better features to its camera. This new mobile comes with a Triple camera setup on its rear side featuring the 2MP Macro lens with an optimized 64 Primary lens on the mobile .


More, we get the 8MP ultra-wide lens too. This mobile camera captures tiny objects by maintaining their natural effects on them. Yes, you can notice the live image shooting. Here, you can detail the clear and smooth image without missing out on the details.


Under the hood, you can enjoy the 16MP Selife lens on its front. While the support of Snapdragon 768G 5G chipset you can also last your camera and overall system performance.


For the display, you can enjoy the 6.5 inches FHD+ IPS panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.

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