Best Free Online Certificate Courses 2023

Best Free Online Certificate Courses 2023

what are online courses

In today’s time, a career can be easily made by doing free online certificate courses. There are many such websites and there are also big organizations that conduct such courses.


Through these courses, professional courses, diploma courses, degree courses (by some universities), tutorials based on a particular technology are done. After completion of the course, a certificate related to it is also given.

how to do online course

In today’s time online work can be done from anywhere. In 2021, where most of the work has been started online due to the corona virus epidemic, on the one hand, there has been a different record-breaking increase in all these works. On the other hand, there are many people who have lost their jobs. In such a situation, if we talk about employment, then it includes education, health, technology, office work, etc. Its special impact has been on education (online course kaise kare). In which online learning has been adopted in most of the institutions.

 Free courses started by the government

The Central Government has recently launched its SWAYAM portal. Online courses of computer science and engineering can also be done through this portal of the government. All the courses on this portal are free. At the same time, the education policy of this portal is based on three main points. Designed to achieve the goals of access, equity and quality. Students and professionals can easily choose the course of their choice on this portal.


 Advanced Computer Architecture

This course is for UG and PG students of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

In this, catch, design, compiler techniques, chip on works, low power design etc. will be told.

This course, which is going to start from 26th July, is of 12 weeks duration. The last date of enrollment for this is 02 August 2021.

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Prof. of IIT Delhi. Smriti Ranjan will teach Sarangi.



Senior Secondary: Computer Science

This is a 24 month certificate course.

For this, enrollment in class 12th of NIOS is necessary.

This course has started from 1st April 2021. Enrollment in this will be till 30 September.

In this course, operating system, binary logic, data communication and networking etc. will be taught.

It is being taught by Radhika B of NIOS.

multicore computer architecture

This course can be done by anyone interested in multicore computer architecture with a connection to computer science engineering.

This eight-week course will start from 23 August 2021. Enrollment in this can be done till 15 October 2021.

Prof. of IIT Guwahati. John Josh will teach.


computer graphics

This course is for the students of Computer Science and Engineering.

In this, graphics will be taught.

This course is of eight weeks. It will start from 26 July.

Enrollment in this can be done till 02 August.

Prof. of IIT Guwahati. Samit Bhattacharya will teach.

computer vision

Those who have understanding of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering can do this course.

This 12 week course will start from 26th July. Enrollment in this can be done till 02 August.

This course is of undergraduate level.

In this, fundamentals of image processing, camera geometry, stereo and color processing are taught.


list of online courses abroad

Free Online Courses with Certificates gives you an opportunity to gain training and knowledge from the best experts in the industry at no cost. However, there are many Free Online Courses with Certificates. In such a situation, we have tried to shorten a long list for you. Read, about the free online courses available with these certificates that can give your career the right direction.

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 Howard University

Howard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has always been a great educational center for students from all over the world. Along with regular programs, this university also offers many Free Online Courses with Certificates. So using your time wisely have a look at the following courses offered by Harvard University:


CS50 (Learn Computer Science Online)


contract law


Foundation of Modern China

Humanitarian response to conflict and disaster

Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster

Introduction to Data-Wise


 Stanford University

Stanford University, located in California, is the world’s most prestigious educational institution in terms of its excellence and standard of education. Online courses in the respective fields are helping the students a lot. The complete list of Free Online Courses with Certificates is given below:

AJAX Full Form : What is AJAX and how does it work?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Algorithms, Design and Analysis

cyber policy

Democratic Development

design research

Diet and gene expression

foundation of information security

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

antibiotic stewardship

Understanding Einstein’s special theory of relativity

writing in science

Giving 2.0: MOOCs

International Women’s Health and Human Rights Probabilistic Graphical Model Specialization


course from the University of California, Berkeley

Established in the year 1868, courses from the University of California, Berkeley have always been a shining light for students from across the world. Free online courses of this university are most preferred among educational institutions around the world. This university offers online courses ranging from Journalism to Business Management. Let us have a look at this comprehensive list of Free Online Courses with Certificates:

How to register a trademark in 3 steps

how to write essay

Academic and Professional Writing

business foundation at work

science of happiness

bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

english for journalists

marketing analytics

writing for social media

business writing

data science and engineering

writing process

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writing for social media

Introduction to statics


Hong Kong Science and Technology University

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a public research university established in 1991. Some of the best scholars and researchers are professors at HKUST. It offers courses related to Science and Technology. Following are some of them that you can take from the comfort of your home:


Introduction to Fintech

Making Sense of News

State, Law and the Economy

University College London

University College London is a major public university located in London, UK. It is the second largest university in the UK by enrolment. It is ranked 8th according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. Times Higher Education ranks it 18th. You can get a certificate in any one of the various online courses offered by:


Anthropology of Social Media: Why We Post

Citizen Science and Scientific Crowdsourcing: An Introduction

Culture, Health and Wellbeing: An Introduction

Lynda.com’s Free Online Courses on Linkedin

To have a comprehensive understanding of management, demanding technology as well as creative skills, Lynda.com on Linkedin offers comprehensive courses with Certificates, which combine technology and creative skills with a comprehensive management understanding. Here are the popular free online certificate courses:



data analysis

programming language

web standards

Excel sheet


css training

Adobe Illustrator

python learning


skill development free online course

It is one of the world’s reputed online platform for students and trainers. This application is used by more than 50 million students and 57 thousand counselors. Let’s take a look at the courses that Udemy offers you:


SEO Training Course

Introduction to Photography

How to set your course goals

how to edit video

Digital Marketing Associate Certification Course

40 Tips for Creating a Great Online Course

Quran Memorization Course

Guitar Course for Beginners

Introduction to Virtualization

game development crash course

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