How to register a trademark in 3 steps

How to register a trademark in 3 steps Everyone wants that when he buys a product from the market,

it should be completely pure and correct. Traders understand that people remember the product by the name of friend, due to this a mark or person is created in the brand which becomes the definition of the brand which is called a trademark. If you do not know that, then in today’s article, we will give you the information about the trademark to test the real and fake products available in the market.

How to register a trademark in 3 steps

In simple words, you can say that there should be such a photo or people who define that this product belongs to that brand, but in the present time, technology is also being used to cheat people. . What is a trademark and all the information related to it is being presented to you in simple words including examples.


In simple words, a trademark is a photo or logo that defines a product. When you go to buy a mobile, then the question must have come from your mouth that which company’s mobile is it, by looking at the logo or symbol, you can find out that by which company this product is made, it is called a trademark. goes.


For example, when you see a half-cut apple behind a mobile, then you understand that it is made by the Apple company. Here the Apple company has defined itself through a symbol, this is called a trademark.


We can define a trademark as a sign, mark, design, word or phrase registered by the government to honor or distinguish an organization from others. You should also know that the trademark was introduced in 1999, which is called the Trademark Act.


An obvious question is, can anyone else create a mark exactly like a trademark? So the answer is yes, someone else can make such a symbol but it cannot be used.


As we defined a trademark, it is a government-registered mark that is allowed to be used by only one organization or company on behalf of the government. Like Apple company has made its own apple mark which only that company can use, if someone else uses that mark then he will be punished anywhere in the world.

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Why was there a need for a trademark

As we told you, a trademark is a mark of a company by which that company differentiates its product from others and presents it to the world. If a question arises in your mind that what will happen without a trademark then why is it needed at all?


Answering this in simple words, we will say that trademark instills confidence in a person’s mind. Trademark is proof that this product is being made by a particular company only, which is always ready to solve your problem. . A company using a trademark is considered a legally registered company, which increases the trust of its customers.


To popularize any organization product or service, you need to win the trust of your customer. For which we can say that a trademark is used by a legal entity, a business organization and a person doing business.

 How to do trademark registration

To take any business to a different level, you need a trademark, usually a trademark is taken in 2 ways, first for an individual work only for himself, and second for his limited company. If either of these two methods suits you, then you will need some special documents.


If you want to apply for a trademark for a personal item, then you must have a power of attorney, a trademark in question, and an Aadhaar card or PAN card. Apart from this, if you want to apply for a trademark for your limited company, then you must have the incorporation certificate, board resolution, residence certificate of the company, power of attorney and important documents of the owner of the company.


If you have a copy and original of all the documents mentioned above, then after following the instructions mentioned below, you can get your trademark registered legally –


 1. First of all you go to its official website

After visiting this official website, you will see different types of options, among them choose the option of registration for the trademark. There you will be taken to the Trademart questionnaire as well as various forms to be filled and submitted as instructed.

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 2. Fill Form-5

All the forms will come online in front of you for online registration, apart from this you can go to the block office of your area and take the trademark form for your company’s trademark, you need to take a total of 5 forms.


You have to take PM Monty tm1, tm2, tm3, tm8, and m51 forms. All these forms have to be filled with all the information as per the instructions and attached with the power of attorney of your company and other documents mentioned above.

 3. Submit Documents & Fees

While applying for a trademark, you have to pay a fee of ₹4000. Submit all the documents mentioned above along with ₹4000.


You also need to remember that if your trademark is registered and there is any problem with it, whether you want to object to another company using your trademark, then you need to fill the tm5 form. If there is any kind of error in the registration process and want to rectify it now, then for this you will have to pay a fee of ₹ 3000 by filling the tm26 form.


Usually it takes 1 to 2 years to get a trademark registered in India. And every trademark has a period after which you have to renew it or else it can be used by someone else. On completion of the term of your trademark, you have to get it renewed by filling tm10 form and depositing a fee of ₹ 3000.


what is patent

Another term associated with a trademark is a patent. Patent is done for an idea so that no one can copy your idea. When you start a business that can be easily copied, then in such a situation your business idea is patented so that no one can copy your idea.


In simple words, a patent is a government paper that verifies that your idea is only yours, no one else can use it, if it does, you can file a case against it and get its work stopped. Such patents are also sold. The person who has to work on your idea will have to take permission from you.

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You must remember that a patent is for 20 years i.e. if you get an idea or product patented, then you need to take permission to use it for 20 years where you can use them by taking money from them. can approve.


Patent Type

If you have understood what a patent is, then remember that there are mainly two types of patents –


1. Product Patent

It is a patent imposed on a product, that is, when you make a product of your own and no one else makes a similar product, that product is patented. For example, you will see different types of toothpaste in the market, but you will not find any toothpaste of the same color and the same pattern.


In simple words, if you make a product of your own and get it patented, then no one can make the same product without your approval.


2. Process Patent

This is an important patent in which no one can steal the process of making any product. In simple words, if you make a product, then after getting a patent, no one can make that product by the process by which you are making the product.


For example, the assembly line process was first used by the Ford company to make the vehicle, due to which the process was able to make the vehicle 10 times faster than the rest of the company, but due to the patent, it was delayed for 20 years. The process was used, the other company could not do it.


Along with this, we have given you detailed information about what is a trademark and patent, by using all these you can make your business more secure and more profitable.

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