IdexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial Full Setup 2023

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial Full Setup 2023 Are your Blog Posts not getting indexed or the indexes

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial

that were indexed are getting deindexed then we have come up with a solution to this problem Microsoft Bing has launched a new plugin called IndexNow and by reading this post you can get IndexNow WordPress Plugin Will be able to do Tutorial Full Setup


Through this plugin, you will be able to get the URL of your Blog Post fast indexed in the search engine and for this you will not have to submit the URL of your post to different search engines, rather the IndexNow plugin will do this work.

What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is a WordPress Plugin created by Microsoft Bing, it is an open source software, this plugin will index those pages available on your WordPress blog in Search Engine which are not yet indexed or which were already indexed and have been deindexed.

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When you write a post for your blog and publish it, then submit its URL to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool as well as other search engines so that it can be indexed.


Many times the indexed page on our blog also gets deindexed because when Search Engine’s Crawler comes to our site and crawls the page, many pages are not able to open on time because their loading speed is slow, this is the reason The page already indexed also gets de-indexed.


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Getting the indexed page re-indexed on our site is also a very difficult task and to solve this problem, Microsoft Bing has brought IndexNow Plugin, now it is to see how much this plugin works.

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At present, we have not been able to get information about which search engines the indexnow Plugin will submit your page to, but this plugin will work correctly for Bing and Yandex Search Engine.

How does IndexNow Plugin work?

Microsoft Bing says that the IndexNow Plugin automatically submits all the pages of your WordPress blog to Search Engines, due to which your pages are indexed in Bing and Yandex search engines.


IndexNow plugin works through API, when you install it in your WordPress blog, an API key is generated.


Even if your site is not verified in any search engine, this plugin gets your blog page indexed by submitting it to those search engines.

IndexNow Plugin always keeps your blog post updated in Bing and Yandex search engines because whenever you update a post on your site or publish a new post, this plugin submits their URL to all the search engines available in the world. Does.

Features of IndexNow

IndexNow WordPress Plugin has the following features:-

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Full Setup

In this post, we will do full setup of IndexNow WordPress Plugin, for this follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1. IndexNow Plugin Installation

First of all, login to your WordPress admin panel and then click on this option on the bottom left side of the plugin and then click on the button of Add Plugin and then type in the search box on the right side IndexNow Plugin and then this plugin will appear in front of you Now click on the button of Install Now. ,

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IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial
IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Step2. Activate IndexNow

This plugin will be installed as soon as you click on the button of Install Now and then click on Activate and this plugin will be activated in your WordPress Blog and you will come back to the list of plugins.


Step3. IndexNow Full Setup

Now we have to set up this plugin, for this, after moving the mouse cursor on Settings on the left side, click on the button of IndexNow. (see picture below)

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial
open settings

The dashboard of this plugin will open in front of you as soon as you click on the IndexNow button. Now click on the button of Let’s Get Started. (see picture below)

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial
lets get started


Now you have set up IndexNow Plugin and have come to its dashboard, now here you will be able to see the features of this plugin and how many URLs this plugin has submitted to the search engine on your site and how many failed in it. Will be able to see the report on this page (see picture below)

IndexNow WordPress Plugin Tutorial
IndexNow Summary

Here you can submit the URL of any page by yourself by clicking on the Submit URL button in the manual URL submission tab as you submit in Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools.


On the other hand, in the second tab with automate URL submission, you can see how many URLs have been submitted to search engines on your site through this plugin.


In the tab with successful submission, you can see how many URLs have been successfully submitted on your site in the last 48 hours and in the fourth tab, failed submission, you can see how much has failed in the submitted URLs.

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And finally

How will be the performance of IndexNow, whether it will be able to do its work well in the coming time or not, only time will tell.


At the moment, if you are a WordPress user, then you can check it by installing the IndexNow plugin, if it fits your blog, then definitely use it.


Do you still have any question related to this post or want to give your suggestion, then definitely write in the comment box below and let us know.

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