Romantic Movies On Netflix -All Times Best 6 Romance Movies 2023

Romantic Movies On Netflix -All Times Best 6 Romance Movies 2023


Half Of It

Romantic Movies On Netflix
Half Of It

Half Of It-Movie story based on high school students life. Movie received lot positive reviews from audience after it’s released. #Movie maker won international awards from it. The movie released on 1 May 2020. A high school student Ellie Chu is writing essays for


#other students to earn some money from it because her family condition is not good- When she’s approached by a boy who’s named is Paul-Ellie understand that he wants an essay but instead of an essay he wants a letter)


# To write a letter to a popular girl whose name Asser because he’s feeling too awkward to talk to her. (Ellie said I can’t write letter for you because she’s never written a letter for anyone)


#However, when money becomes tight at home she accepts the job charging him 50$ per letter


#After the letter over the next few weeks. She and paul develop a friendship that brings more to #Ellie’s life than she could have ever imagined. IMDB Rating is 6.9/10


Someone Great

Romantic Movies On Netflix
Romantic Movies On Netflix Someone Great

someone Great – Movie is released in 2019. This Netflix movie comes in the categories of #Romance & #comedy.


#Movie story about a girl who is aspiring music journalist & her name is Jenny. (She has just completed her dream to job at an Iconic Magazine)


She is thinking about moving to #San Francisco rather than do long distance her-boyfriend of 9nine years decides to call it quits.

#To apply ointment on her broken heart Jenny gathers up her two best friends. #Whose name are Aaron and Blair & she decided to go for one outrageous last adventure in New York City.

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#Movie story great. It is a hilarious and heartfelt story of friendship & which will tell to your heart how to enjoy happy life. Love and what it means to let go of your 20s and enter adulthood.

#IMDB Rating is 6.2/10

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Fall In The Love At First Kiss

Romantic Movies On Netflix

This movie is released on 14 Feb 2019 & it comes under in categories of #Comedy, #Romance. In this romantic comedy movie, we are going to see cute students (Jelly Lin, Kenji Chen, Dareen Wang as the main cast)


# Movie story about a girl who is genius in his study after some time she falls in the love with a bubbly personality guy. #Jelly Kin took the role of Xiang Qin who is an ordinary girl &

#she has a persistent crush on Dareen Wang as role Jiang Zhi Shu_After telling her lovable felling to him, she gets cruelly rejected–Xiang considers giving up or moving away is good for both. However, some things happened between /Jelly Kin’s dad & he takes her along to move in

#temporarily with Zhi Shu’s Family.

Fall In The Love At First Kiss is based on the popular

well-known Japnese Manga Anime ”

Itazura Na Kiss”

#IMDB Rating: 6/10, My Drama List Rating: 8/10.

Watch Fall In The Love At First Kiss is Romantic Movies On Netflix



Romantic Movies On Netflix
MoonLight Romantic Movies On Netflix

#Moonlight takes place in three parts of a person’s life-childhood, adolescence and adulthood. #He grapples with his identity along with many of his pent-up emotions over the years and above all else.

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Japnese Romantic Movies

#In this list some Japnese Movies also taken. That are given below #If you’re liked to watch #Romantic movie then this #Japnese movies is also available on Netflix.


You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Romantic Movies On Netflix
You Are The Apple Of My Eye

#This movie story is also based on High School student’s lifes. In provincial City Kosuke #Mizushima enjoying his life with Full enjoyment.


#He is enjoying his school life with his 4 friends & they had a crush on a girl whose name is Mai Hayase.


#She is also studying in their class. One day due Kosuke’s taunt all class gets disturbed, the class teacher also gets disturbed.


#In this way, Kosuke came into Mai’s eyes. Their lovable

story starts from here. Now we have to see, How Kosuke Mizushima impressed Mai

#Hayase by his cuteness. Movie cinematography is very nice. Must watch this movie if you like #Japanse Romantic Movie. IMDB Rating is 5.9/10 My Drama List Rating: 7.4/10. Watch this romantic movie on Netflix

Closest Love to Heaven

Romantic Movies On Netflix
Closest Love to Heaven

#Ninon Okamura Doesn’t have many friends in school meanwhile #Yuiji Kira is Ninon’s classmate. He enjoys his life, harassed the other classmates, and dates various girls but he has a secret that he is terminally ill &


he has only 1 year to live so she becomes her friend after knowing his secret and whats happened is worth watching. Now we have to see how they lived remaining life in a better way.

My Drama List Rating: 8/10

IMDB Rating: 6/10

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