Speaking Skills Introduction Most of our communication time is spent in formal or informal conversation 

Speaking Skills Introduction Most of our communication time is spent in formal or informal conversation.

Good preparation is needed in all the above types of communication including formal oral dialogue, telephone conversation, interview, meetings, talks, seminars, conferences, speeches, lectures, and presentations etc.

If your point is not spoken effectively, then you will not be able to convince the listener. In formal communication, you are going to put your thoughts or information in the right way, now how well the listener has taken it depends on how well you have prepared your subject matter. Importance of Speaking skills We talk to others to express our needs, aspirations, thoughts etc. Speaking is a natural mode of expressing oneself. Our language and way of speaking keep changing according to the circumstances. Sometimes we communicate verbally to assure someone and sometimes we are giving instructions to someone. Similarly, our way of speaking is different with different people like different with children, different with elders. Similarly, the way of speaking with an illiterate person is different and with an educated person. To make speaking effective, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things:-

(i) The speaker should have complete knowledge of the subject being spoken.

(ii) The conversation of the speaker should be such that the listener can understand, otherwise there is a waste of time and energy.

(iii) The speaker should speak in a language understandable to the listeners and his thoughts should be such that the listeners can follow them. 1

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(iv) By pleasant voice and gestures, the speaker can attract the attention of the listeners.

(v) If any topic is presented in the right way with some main points, then its effect is different.

(vi) Instruments, equipment etc. used while speaking should be checked so that there is no obstruction in between.

(vii) The speaker should also take care of his body language while speaking because along with speaking a lot of dialogue, we also do it with our body language.

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