What’s the best Christmas treat? Google shares famous occasion look by state

What’s the best Christmas treat? Google shares famous occasion look by state

Christmas is around the bend, and families the nation over will accumulate to commend special times of year and set up their #1 merry treats.

Christmas treats are one occasion staple in kitchens from one coast to another, and everybody has an alternate number one, from peanut butter to chocolate and gingerbread.

This year, Google Patterns imparted a guide to USA TODAY of particularly looked through Christmas treats by state in 2022. The guide shows treats that were overrepresented in a state contrasted with the country overall.

Social Christmas treats, including Italian, German, Mexican and Clean assortments, were top choices in states the nation over. Others selected the always famous gingerbread treats or peanut butter blooms, which are peanut butter treats frequently made with chocolate in the middle.

Different states decided on extraordinary treats, for example, Arkansas’ Kitchen Sink Christmas Treats, which are Christmas treats that can incorporate confections,

pretzels and other add-ins. Missouri looked for red velvet treats, while Kansas picked hot cocoa treats and Hawaii picked Ube Christmas treats.

Look at your state’s extraordinarily looked through Christmas treats underneath:

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Alabama – Clean Christmas Treats

The Frozen North – Christmas Sugar Treats

Arizona – Mexican Christmas Treats

Arkansas – Kitchen Sink Christmas Treats

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California – Little Christmas Treats

Colorado – Snowball Treats

Connecticut – Italian Christmas Treats

Delaware – Italian Christmas Treats

Grandmother’s cherished recipe:This Christmas treat has been a family number one for a considerable length of time.

Region of Columbia – Gingerbread Treats

Florida – Christmas Spread Treats

Georgia – Gingerbread Treats

Hawaii – Ube Christmas Treats

Idaho – Christmas Sugar Treats

Illinois – Christmas Bar Treats

Indiana – Mexican Wedding Treats

Iowa – Spritz Treats

Kansas – Hot cocoa Treats

Kentucky – Regal Icing Christmas Treats

Louisiana – Gingerbread Treats

Maine – Italian Christmas Treats

Maryland – German Christmas Treats

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Massachusetts – Linzer Treats

Michigan – Clean Christmas Treats

Minnesota – Peanut Butter Blooms

Mississippi – Gingerbread Treats

Missouri – Red Velvet Treats

Montana – Gingerbread Treats

Nebraska – Peanut Butter Blooms

Nevada – Peanut Butter Christmas Treats

New Hampshire – Candy Stick Treats

New Jersey – Italian Christmas Treats

New Mexico – Christmas Sugar Treats

New York – Italian Christmas Treats

North Carolina – Moravian Treats

North Dakota – Peanut Butter Blooms

Ohio – Peanut Butter Blooms

Oklahoma – Mexican Christmas Treats

Oregon – Gingerbread Treats

Pennsylvania – Peanut Butter Blooms

Rhode Island – Italian Christmas Treats

South Carolina – Gingerbread Treats

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South Dakota – Christmas Sugar Treats

Tennessee – Christmas Bar Treats

Texas – Springerle Treats

Utah – Candy Stick Treats

Vermont – Gingerbread Treats

Virginia – Christmas Bar Treats

Washington – Christmas Bar Treats

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West Virginia – Mexican Wedding Treats

Wisconsin – Peanut Butter Blooms

Wyoming – Christmas Sugar Treats