Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Cardboard House

Crafting cardboard houses is a delightful and imaginative activity for kids, providing endless possibilities for fun. Interested in learning how to make one? Let us guide you through the Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Cardboard House


 Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Cardboard House

In our current times, harnessing imagination to craft enchanting cardboard houses becomes increasingly significant, offering a space for playful moments. Engaging in this creative pursuit is not only entertaining but surprisingly uncomplicated. You have the freedom to determine the size and purpose of your cardboard creation, whether it’s a charming dollhouse or a more ambitious undertaking like constructing a theater. The possibilities are vast—how big will you dare to dream?

First, write down the materials for building a cardboard house that you will need

Materials needed

  • Paper
    Hot glue (silicone) or art glue

These are the basic materials. Additionally, it would be good for you to have other materials. Use these to make a cardboard house:

    • rule
    • gesso
    • gift wrapping paper
    • color

If you already have these materials in your possession Let’s start our production work. Cardboard house step by step.


 Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Cardboard House

  • Before commencing your project, create a small model using a not overly large cardboard box, preferably a shoebox or a larger one for better results. Position the box with one side facing down, and if desired, remove a flap by cutting it off.
  • Next, proceed to construct the roof. On two opposite sides, cut strips flat using a cutter or scissors. For the other two sides, cut towards the center point. Now, it’s time to detach the roof. Choose a sizable piece of cardboard that adequately covers the area, ensuring it reaches from start to finish. Place it neatly in the corner of the roof and fold the cardboard in half.
  • Moving on to doors and windows, use a pencil to mark the chosen spots for their placement. Cut out the designated spaces using a cutter or scissors, with the former being more convenient. When cutting doors, leave an edge to create openings that can be easily opened and closed.
  1. Now that we have the roof, it’s time to secure it in place. Use hot glue or silicone for this step. Apply the adhesive along the top edge of the structure and affix the roof securely. Keep in mind that this will permanently fix the roof in place. If you desire a cardboard house with a removable roof, skip this step.
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How to make a cardboard house-tree house-istock

To create a larger or smaller house based on your preferences, acquire a box of the appropriate size. If you envision a spacious dwelling with multiple rooms, opt for sizable boxes that are broad and without folds. Create a central wall within the box by cutting it into sections, forming a large square. This central cardboard piece will determine the overall size of the house.

Proceed to cut squares or rectangles (as desired) of the same height as the wall, extending out to the sides. These will represent individual rooms, and you can adjust the quantity based on the length of the walls. Ensure there is a wall on each side, or alternatively, you may choose to divide the wall in the middle for added flexibility.

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The choice of box depends on the purpose you have in mind for the home. For decorative purposes, a shoebox or a larger box can be suitable, with a larger box being preferable. If you plan to use it as a play space for dolls, a detergent box might be convenient. However, if your goal is to create a spacious play area for little ones to enter, then a very large box is necessary.

Apart from cardboard, consider incorporating additional materials. In the following section, we will provide more detailed explanations and ideas for decorating a cardboard house.


You have the option to paint or decorate your cardboard house as you wish. If you choose to paint, it’s advisable to apply an additional layer of Gesso as a surface preparation compound before painting. Once the Gesso has dried, you can proceed with painting. To protect surfaces you don’t want to stain, consider laying down newspaper or other protective materials.

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Learn how to make paper flowers:

Find the color you like the most and paint it. Apply two coats if necessary. and even create your own mixes

How to make a recycled cardboard house istock house

You have the option to cover the house with colored paper, and for larger houses, gift wrapping paper works well, while smaller houses can benefit from scrapbook paper. This can be applied both on the exterior and interior of the house. Simply measure the paper to the desired size, cut it, and glue it in place.

To enhance the aesthetics, consider adding decorative elements like paper flowers, especially if you’re incorporating a garden into your home. Crafting flowers is a delightful addition, but even without a garden, you can attach flowers to the facade or paint them. You can also place birds on the roof or near the windows for added charm.

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For a unique touch, cover small pieces of cardboard with tiles to create a stylish roof appearance.

Building a cardboard house is remarkably easy with these guidelines. Now, unleash your creativity and decorate it in your unique style, adding personal touches to make it truly yours.

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